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About Us

Welcome to Earth and Sky Alchemy! We're Christopher and Amy Allen-Baker, a husband and wife team collaborating on art, jewelry and life together for more than 25 years. We are artists, jewelers, mineral collectors, earth lovers and spiritual seekers with interests in natural medicine, sustainable gardening, astronomy/astrology, and writing. Our diverse passions have converged into an eclectic shop that offers a variety of magical gifts for the soul.

 Amy and Christopher of Earth and Sky Alchemy

We began collaborating as artists in 1995 with an emphasis on nature spirituality and exploring the relationship between humans, technology, the Earth, and the Divine. Our award-winning art has been featured in numerous galleries across the United States including the Wayne Art Center, the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, the Kellogg University Art Gallery, and the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art. Our digital photography, "Butterfly Mandala", was published in Nature’s Best Photography Magazine’s Fall/06 edition as part of the annual honor awards.

Butterfly Mandala by Amy and Christopher Allen-Baker

Some of our personal history...

Amy comes from a multi-generation family of professional artists, including painters, builders and ceramicists. She studied metal forming at Penland School of Crafts and has taught design and jewelry technique classes. Her award-winning artwork has included polymer clay, photography and mixed media. She studied nutrition at Palomar College and continued to explore her interests in natural healing including herbal medicine, yoga, and the metaphysical properties of crystals. 

Christopher's art and design career goes back to childhood, when he won 1st place in a statewide kite competition for the North Carolina Museum of Art as a Middle School student. He received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and is a LEED Accredited professional (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). He has designed several green schools in Pennsylvania and enjoys working on site responsive residential projects. Christopher currently hand carves one of a kind nature art with eggs, bone, wood and stones.

Taos NM sunrise on mesa

We spent many of our years together in the "Land of Enchantment" in Northern New Mexico where the colorful skies, expansive landscape, and breathtaking views provided an endless source of inspiration. The night sky is truly breathtaking with thousands of visible stars and a prominent view of the Milky Way. It is here that we began watching the planets trace their way across the sky. We learned about astrology and how the alignments of the planets help shape the energy regarding events that occur here on Earth. You can read some of our astrology based posts on our blog website,

 Gaia Sol digital art

Taos, NM hosts an art colony rich with creative energy and innovative thinkers. It also has a large indigenous population with a deep connection to the land...the Earth is considered sacred, holy, and revered. Being immersed in this culture helped to shape the development of our nature spirituality. We believe that the Earth is much more than a planet...Gaia, the great Goddess, is a living ecosystem that humans are an integrated part of. The Earth and the Sun join to create and support all life. The "Gaia Hypothesis", proposed by the scientist James Lovelock and microbiologist Lynn Margulis, posits that the Earth and its biological systems behave as a huge single entity. This theory also contributed to our belief system.

CBD hemp flower with sunflowers

In 2018, we moved to Central Pennsylvania where we had the opportunity to operate a small family farm. Tending food and herb gardens is another passion of ours and we love to share the Earth’s bounty with others. After experiencing the positive health benefits of CBD over the past few years, and witnessing the same with our family and friends, we were excited to begin growing hemp in 2020. Our focus is on small batch high quality cannabis flowers that are sungrown with natural farming methods and fine cured to preserve the organic compounds (cannabinoids and terpenes) used in herbal medicine. Our listings for CBD hemp flowers have been temporarily removed while we resolve some issues with our payment processors. We'll have them back up in the near future, and you can contact us directly to make purchases in the meantime.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us, and enjoy browsing through our shop! You can also find a different selection of one of a kind minerals, crystals and jewelry for sale at our Earth and Sky Alchemy shop on Etsy. Christopher also offers custom carvings, so reach out to us on our contact page with any inquiries. You can also join us on Facebook, and follow Amy's Pinterest page for some eyecandy :) If you like to read about nature spirituality, astrology, and other consciousness expanding topics....check out our blog at

We wish you many blessings on your Earth journey....peace, love and light to all!